Creating an explanation dashboard (newbie)

Hey Guys!

I’m completely new to plotly/dash and needed some help achieving a simple dashboard
So what I’m looking for is a screen that looks like this

once I put an id into that I’ll have my mongoclient go and fetch the data from mongodb. That is a bunch of
charts and tables that I want to render. And I want it rendered like below

On the left are buttons to choose the charts/tables I want to see, on the right, the chart itself, and below a button
that takes me back home. I can get a dash server running with plotly, but this is a little daunting for me. Any help would be hugely appreciated!

Hi @vishak

could you be more specific about the point where you got stuck? What you described is definitely achievable with dash. But it’s hard to give any advice at this point.

Absolutely. I got all plots ready. But I’m not sure what sort of code I’m supposed to write, where I have three buttons on the left, and clicking each one renders one chart. I’ll post the code I have when I’m at my system again!