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WHY THE PLOTLY GRAPHS HOSTED IN DASH ARE NOT VERY ATTRACTIVE, How can the graphics or resolution or pixel can be increased to catch our eyes suddenly, and it will be WOOOW dashboard

I built a dashboard with 6 plots in Dash. Yes, the dashboard layout looks wonderful.

But I am not ok with the resolution or pixel or graphics it is having. It is not catching everyone’s eyes and say WOW onto it. plots are a bit foggy and also the texts inside it.

Please help how I can increase it!!

Any library or css part of dash’s submodules helps me to get this. Thanks in Advance.

Unless specified otherwise, the plot’s size is based on the browser window size. So for higher resolutions the plots should be less pixelated. What display resolution are you using? For example I use 1360x768 and I find the detail to be sufficient.

I was using 1920x1080 as recommended. Even if I changed to yours, it looks same. if any point on graphics?

I recommend using a different Graphing Library. I dont know if there is an official Library for react-google-charts in Dash but if you want a good Looking Dashboard take a look at dash-component-boilerplate and build your own components with react. I personally only use google-charts, if you need some help hit me up.