How to create a dashboard with "tiles"?

Hi there,
I’ve recently discovered Dash and I really like it. I’ve build a simple dashboard that has 6 different plots and I now would like to improve the way it looks. I think having each plot in its own section would help users, something like this:

Can this be done in Dash? If so, I would really appreciate some advice.

To edit the layout and the visual part of item in Dash you need to dive into the CSS part of stuff. As a reference take a look at this question from another user:

Take note of the ‘style’ option he sets at the end of his Div containers. Here you can manage the place placement and appearance of whatever you put in it. You can also make a separate CSS stylesheet which you can apply for your whole app, but I do not have the necessary CSS/Dash mojo to tell you how. :sweat_smile:

Ok thanks. I’ll check this out. Cheers.

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