Introducing Anime Stats: A dashboard about the anime industry explained through statistics

Hi, Plotly community!

I’ve been studying and playing around with dash + plotly libraries for the past 2 weeks and I finally completed my very first dashboard web app! You can check it here:

Feel free to check it out and I would appreciate any comments or feedback about the dashboard as well as additional features that can be added to the dashboard!

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Your one-stop dashboard for anime stats!

I love the idea. Congratulations, @mangarapaul . Really nice Dash app. And you’ve only worked with Dash for 2 weeks?

Hi @adamschroeder , thank you so much! And it’s thanks to your videos that I finally got to finish this project. Also, Dash really does have a complete and intuitive library as well as detailed documentation that includes code examples. Will definitely make more projects using Dash + Plotly in the future.

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Nice job @mangarapaul!

The “back to top” button, you should pass an initial style {'display': 'none'}, so that it is invisible on initial load. :slight_smile:

Got it! Just pushed the update. Thanks a lot!

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