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📣 Introducing 3.0.0

:wave: Hello Dash Community! I’m thrilled to announce the latest version of the python graphing library: 3.0.0:

This release has been almost 1 year in the making and includes tons of stuff that will help out Dash development: better validation, beautiful docstrings, helpful error messages.

For more information:

Many thanks to everyone who has provided feedback and guidance :heart: And thanks to everyone for helping spread the good word!



That a very great new!

I just spot a kind of breaking change, but not fully sure it is related to plotly.

I used to intinialize my plot like

    figure={'figure': {'title': 'My Titlte'}}

Doing so worked with plotly<3, but cause an ‘Error dependencies’ since I update dahs and plotly.
I need to provide a empty “data” option, like:

    figure={'data': [], 'figure': {'title': 'My Titlte'}}

in plotlyt>=3.

Not sure it’s related, though.

Thanks again!