📣 New extensive tutorial on the `figure` property in `dcc.Graph`

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@jmmease & @nicolaskruchten from our team just published a really great new tutorial that covers the figure property of dcc.Graph in great depth:

Creating and Updating Figures in Python - https://plot.ly/python/creating-and-updating-figures/

We’ve made a lot of changes to this property this year (Introducing Plotly Express and Announcing Plotly.py 4.0.0): we’ve introduced plotly.express as a new way to “generate” figures and we’ve added many .update_ methods that make it easy to modify the properties of an existing figure.

This new Plotly Python Graphing Library tutorial covers figure in all of its forms: from it’s underlying JSON form to its list & dictionary representation, from graph_objects to px.* to figure_factory.

I highly recommend giving it a read. We’d also love to hear your feedback.

Some screenshots from the tutorial


we should add this link in https://dash.plot.ly/dash-core-components/graph

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