Full reference for plotly.graph_objs syntax in Dash

Is there a full documentation for the dcc.Graph components? Only a few examples are in the User Guide, but they don’t cover everything.

For instance, I can’t figure out how to do fig.update_xaxes or fig = make_subplots() using the syntax shown in the User Guide.

I just use the Python syntax as shown on the plotly website. I create the figure independently with fig = go.Figure() and then send it to the dcc.Graph figure.

dcc.Graph gives easy access to all plotly python library which has a full doc site here
note it works with both the new plotly express syntax and classic go.Figure

Thank you for the answer, but what I am saying is that the reference is incomplete. For instance, if you go in the Configuration examples, you will have the example below:

fig.show(config={'displayModeBar': True})

However, if I am running this in an app, I don’t want to show the figure. I just want to set the config. Is it not listed in the full reference. I found on Github that you can do like below. However, if I create a figure using go.Figure, I don’t know how to set it.

   config={'displayModeBar': True})

I see your point, yes I agree we need an updated graph document section to explain the relationship about the figure object, Graph component. do you mind create an issue at https://github.com/plotly/dash-docs? thanks