Community Project - Dash-Skellington, A Dash Skeleton Multi-Page Application


Dash-Skellington is a skeleton project for the Dash framework, designed to serve as a foundational template for creating customizable Dash applications. Dash, benefits from this project’s structured approach, offering best-practice conventions suitable for both advanced and beginner users. While the code may seem extensive relative to the data and analysis complexity, it serves an illustrative purpose, demonstrating how to build reliable and scalable Dash applications. This skeleton project is intended to be extended and adapted to fit the specific data and functional needs of your application.


Like most of us here, I love Dash. It has become a staple in my day-to-day from developing personal projects to representing internal data on the fly. Since I do this so often I thought it useful to create this template and share it with our community.

That being said, I am new to Dash and I humbly ask you, the community to help improve this skeleton so we can continue to make Dash even easier to build with!

Please let me know what you think! Don’t hold back! I am here to learn from all of you!