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📣 Announcement! Fall 2017 Dash Workshops in NYC

:wave: Pythonistas!

We’re back in NYC this Fall and this time with a two day intensive dash workshop.

It’s been only 3 months since we released Dash, our open source framework for creating interactive web apps in Python. If you haven’t played around with Dash yet, check out the new Dash userguide and the Dash App Gallery.

This Fall’s workshop is going to be really good. Each section of the Dash workshop will be focused around complete examples that the attendees can run on their own computers and attendees will learn the principles of Dash by customizing these examples through gentle, interactive challenges.

Day 1 - Introduction to Dash

  • What’s Possible in Dash: The Dash Gallery Tour
  • Getting Started with Dash: The Dash layout
  • A tour of available Dash components
  • Architecture: How does Dash work?
  • Basic interactivity with Dash callbacks
  • Advanced interactivity with Dash callbacks: multiple inputs, multiple outputs
  • Making Dash apps data-driven with Pandas and SQL
  • All about Dash Graph component
  • Learning how to troubleshoot
  • Deploying Dash apps

Day 2 - Advanced Dash and Dash Best Practices

  • Comprehensive guide to crossfiltering
  • Styling Dash Apps: Design and CSS Pro Tips
  • Concepts of State:
  • Dash App Performance: Caching and parallelization
  • Overview of Dash Roadmap - What’s going to be available this year
  • (Optional - for attendees with Javascript experience): Building your own Dash components

I hope to see you there! :beers: