(Yet another) dashboard for COVID19 monitoring in Italy

Hi everyone,
I used dash to create a dashboard with an interactive map of the Italian provinces and the chance to explore different time points and/or trends over time. The app is hosted here:
And the code is available here:

This was my first side-project with Plotly and Dash, and I really enjoyed it!

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I would like to make something similar for my country (Denmark).

You have:
mapbox_token = ‘pk.eyJ1IjoibWF0c2ludGhlIiwiYSI6ImNrOGhoeG5hcTAwdHQzbG9kcmN4bmtndmYifQ.6S8pTbrub3p7ZD83xGBddQ’
geojson_url = ‘https://raw.githubusercontent.com/openpolis/geojson-italy/master/geojson/limits_IT_provinces.geojson
dataset_url = ‘https://raw.githubusercontent.com/pcm-dpc/COVID-19/master/dati-province/dpc-covid19-ita-province.csv

I cannot guess how to modify it in order to retrieve data for Denmark. Where can I find information on how to do that?

Poul Riis

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