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Covid-19 Canada Tracking Dash App

I created a Dashboard for visualisation of COVID-19 data across Canada. I created this dashboard over weekend and turned out to be really good.
I want a suggestion about data loading. I download xlsx file which updates every 4 hours. RN i download file and commit changes to update app. Is there any way which can do this process automatically?

As for the app Feedbacks are welcomed.

COVID-19 Canada Dashboard

Dataset i am using are from ESRI and UoT COVID-19 dataset.

Pretty cool, I was thinking of doing something similar especially of adding latest news section.

I was thinking of having like a continuous heatmap kinda like the gallery app of US Rate of Poison. Maybe you can replace your static plot.

Here’s another Covid global app,

Thanks for your kind feedback.
I wanted to implement this heatmap but canadian dataset is restricted to provincial data also i was unable to implement chorepleth for canada as i found it difficult to implement with plotly so i used dash. (If you have suggestions i will try it )
I am going to transition to john Hopkins dataset soon

Hi, I am new to Plotly. I want to build similar thing for the provinces in Canada. Would you please help me to figure out the locationmode for the provinces in Canada?

(using plotly.graph_objects)

fig = go.Figure(data=go.Choropleth(
locations=current_ca_covid_df[‘pruid’], # Spatial coordinates
z = current_ca_covid_df[‘numconf’].astype(float), # Data to be color-coded
locationmode = ‘CA-provinces?’, # set of locations match entries in locations
colorscale = ‘Reds’,
colorbar_title = “# of cases”,