X-axis mismatch for multitrace plot with plotly express

Hi all. I am still new to plotly/px, so apologies if this is a simple fix.

I have a strip plot. I want to overlay bars representing the mean of each group. Problem: the bars and the strip plot dots do not line up. This is especially noticeable when there are a lot of groups.

fig = px.strip(df, x='x', y='value', color = 'group')
df_agg = df.groupby(by = ['x', 'group'], sort = False)['value'].agg('mean').reset_index()
bar_fig = px.bar(df_agg, x='x', y='value', color = 'group')
for bar_data in bar_fig.data:
    bar_data['marker']['color'] = 'silver'
    bar_data['showlegend'] = False