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Dash HoloViews is now available! Check out the docs.

Will Dash be available for R?

I’m an R user and I love the Dash interface but don’t want to dredge through the python code to get it done. Is it possible to use with R? Will it ever be possible?

Dash is mostly a front-end project: Dash’s’ front-end is the dash-renderer which communicates over HTTP with JSON packets and Dash’s components are all autogenerated from React.js’s metadata.

With this architecture, it is possible to create alternative backends to Dash, whether that is R, Julia, MATLAB, etc. There aren’t any alternative backends available right now, but there could be in the future with enough customer demand.

If you would like to see Dash in another language, please reach out.

Just curious - what do you like about the Dash interface over, say, Shiny?

I’m not sure. Maybe it’s just the examples, but it looks much cleaner and professional than Shiny.