Dash-bootstrap-components for R released

Hey everyone,

We’ve just added support for Dash for R to dash-bootstrap-components. We have some (currently very limited) documentation here if you’d like to try it out.

This is all very new, so please let us know by filing a bug report if you have issues, and also show us what you come up with / how you incorporate it into your apps!

Massive thanks to @Marc-Andre, @rpkyle and @alexcjohnson who all either gave me pointers / advice or helped make changes to the Dash component generation pipeline to make this possible.


Thanks for creating Dash-bootstrop-components. I really like it and makes everything look more professional.

Thank you,

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Fantastic news @tcbegley! Thanks for all your efforts, glad we were able to help make this a reality.

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Amazing! This is such great news! Last semester I taught Dash in both python (with dbc) and R (without dbc) and there was a noticeable increase in frustration with layouts.

DBC solves nearly all of these issues.

Thanks @tcbegley!