Dash with non-Python web server backend

I heard on a podcast that Dash can be used with backends other than Flask, even servers written in other languages. Where can I find more information about this?

Hey @jason.o - Great question! Here’s a high-level answer:

  • Dash is mostly a Javascript project. The Dash Front-End is a separate repository on GitHub: https://github.com/plotly/dash-renderer and was organized in this way so that it could be used in other contexts.
  • The Dash front-end communicates with a server through a small set of HTTP requests with JSON
  • The set of Dash components are declaratively described through JSON as well. They are also maintained in separate repositories so that they could be imported into other frameworks.
  • Those endpoints aren’t documented or versioned right now as the dash package is the only implementation of Dash right now.
  • To get a feel for the API, I recommend reading the source code of dash or inspecting the network tab while interacting with a Dash app.

This is largely undocumented right now but if there is serious interest in building an alternative backend, I’m happy to spend some time to describe what it takes and how the existing implementation works. We can also be contracted out to build alternative Dash backends (feel free to reach out if that interests you).

What backend or language would you like to see Dash in? And what podcast did you hear about this in?

Thanks for the information. I have a simple Elixir server that I wanted to try Dash on.
As to where I heard about Dash on a non-Python server, it probably was the PlotCon video on Youtube. (not a podcast)

Hi!, maybe a delayed reply, I’ve worked Dash over Erlang/Elixir from Dasherl, but using all dash components including the webserver, using in this case gunicorn.

I hope this will be helpful

Here the repository: https://github.com/zgbjgg/dasherl

A lot of work to do …