Using Dash with Tauri

Tauri is a Rust framework for building tiny, cross-platform desktop apps. It’s supposed to integrate with any front-end web framework. So I’m curious if anyone knows if I can use a Dash app as the front-end with Tauri as the backend.

The catch is that Dash apps are not front-end only apps. They’re both server-side and front end together. Dash’s front-end client is bundled with the server, and they are designed specifically to work with each other.

There’s DashR and Dash.jl, for Dash implementations in R and Julia respectively, which are built to communicate with the Dash slicent. It would certainly be possible to build a DashRust implementation. This is likely a fairly decent sized project thouhg. Maybe Tauri could be a good framework for building this on top of. I’m not a Rust dev though so can’t really comment on whether this would be a good move.

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Thanks for the insight @nedned. I’ll stick with Dash Python dashboards for now.

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You can refer to the following projects:

But this only loads the front-end resources from the url, does not truly achieve full localization.