WebGL scatter plots not rendering on new M1 Mac in Chrome or Safari

Non webgl plots render fine even though webgl is supported on the browser (from get.webgl.org):

Non webgl scatter plot:


We’re seeing the same thing on our M1 macs here as well, on 12.1 Monterey

Facing same issue since a while. Haven’t got any solution. But it only happens if the x-axis values are greater than 2^24. Reference to the issue I have reported: Plotly fails when using "scattergl" and value greater than 2^24 [Only on M1 Chip]

Has there been a fix for this?

Does anyone has any fix for this issue? We cannot use SVG as the number of data points I plot is very high. I am forced to use WebGL but this is blocking and so far couldn’t find a solution.
Any help is appreciated.