WebGL is not supported by your browser for 3d Scatter

I’m getting a “WebGL is not supported by your browser” error message, even though your test page displays fine and I also see the scatter plot momentarily before the error message replaces it. It’s very frustrating as I’m recommending adoption of your library to my employer.

I’m using Chrome Version 80.0.3987.132 (Official Build) (64-bit).

I am seeing “WARN: webgl setup failed possibly due to enabling preserveDrawingBuffer config. The device may not be supported by is-mobile module! Inverting preserveDrawingBuffer option in second attempt to create webgl scene.” in the console, don’t know if that helps? And I occasionally notice the correct render for an instant before the warning message replaces it.

Here is a screenshot of the WebGL scatter plot that appears before being replaced by the error message. Very frustrating and this thread seems to be being ignored?


Which device/operating system you use?

OS: Windows 10 Pro,
Device: PC

Still a problem using v1.56.0 :frowning: Looks like I may have to find an alternative to Plotly :frowning: Lack of response is n’t encouraging.

I was not able to replicate this problem.
Would you please try some oldest plotly.js minor versions on this codepen to see if any of them works on your machine?

  1. First of all, @Archmoj, thanks so much for showing an interest in this problem. I really appreciate it.
  2. The codepen works, beautifully.
  3. All the other plotly examples (except 3d scatter) work in my “Create React App” based application.
  4. Even 3d scatter works for an instant sometimes (as you can see from the screenshot), I’m using basically the same code as in the plotly example, only in a “Create React App” application.
  5. I suspect something in the Plotly library is looking at the usage environment and then deciding it’s not suitable (even though it plainly is!).
  6. And here is the 3d scatter plot working perfectly in codepen!

FYI - I opened an issue in plotly.js repo in this regard:

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@GusTButt could you please try the build used in the src from this codepen in your app?

Sorry @archmoj, not sure how best I can do that as it’s webpack/node. Is there a plotly version number corresponding to that that I can set in package.json?

In your package.json,
you may try replacing
“plotly.js”: “^1.57.0”,
“plotly.js”: “git://github.com/plotly/plotly.js.git#8fcc3d86b2299ddc57c82647ef849ce36e3f5fb6”,
Save it.
Then npm install or yarn install depending on which one you use.

Thanks, as before I see the plot briefly, then the error message, additionally I got this in the browser and console window, I don’t know if it helps?


Thanks for the follow up.
Now please try this:
“plotly.js”: “git://github.com/plotly/plotly.js.git#b919beb905bc0c6f4110d3dd8321643a441904a7",

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Let’s actually try the following patch instead:
“plotly.js”: “git://github.com/plotly/plotly.js.git#6472243086fd971223a6e8fc86836f7903bdbdcb",

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@GusTButt I think you should get less errors (if any) with the last one.
Have you tried that?

oh,error yet at there.

Hi @archmol about to try it (and thank you for taking the time to help). This is what I got this time:

If I break at line 149 in scene.js , the plot is shown:

If I continue, scene.glplot is undefined. Scene is:

It goes on to “invert preserveDrawingBuffer” - not sure what that is but seems unnecessary. Hope that helps/means something? isMobile is set true.

The error object:

opts parameter:

Thanks we are getting somewhere.
Now let’s try
“plotly.js”: “git://github.com/plotly/plotly.js.git#07a32308592f05d378eb990d3677fb1d9586d8d4",
to show the underlying webgl error.

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Hi @archmoj here’s the result:

Curious to know what happens if you remove the time out for resize?