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IE-11 WebGL is not supported by your browser - visit for more info

I’m getting error when trying to plot Scatter3D :
WebGL is not supported by your browser - visit for more info

Although when I visit the link , it says browser is compatible and I can see rotating cube .

Is this something plotly itself is throwing ? Can this be handled somehow ? Because browser is compatible I’m sure, as it has run plotly 3D charts previously . Please help .

Thanks for writing in.

Can you try opening:

and tell us if the same error message appears?

Thanks for replying .
Funnily, My IE runs on document mode of IE10 , if I change it to 11 (by forcing it on Dev console) , chart works fine (not same as Chrome , but I’m okay with that).


I’m seeing the same problem but on Chrome Version 80.0.3987.132 (Official Build) (64-bit) The links you asked the other user to test work fine, however I am access a machine remotely over VPN.

However my code is react an your sample isn’t. You’re making a call in your example Plotly.newPlot('myDiv', data, layout); whereas I have:

					style={{ display: `${chartType === 'threeDScatter' ? 'block' : 'none'}` }}>
						layout={threeDScatter.layout} />

This is still a problem for me which is not resolved in the latest releases.

I am seeing “WARN: webgl setup failed possibly due to enabling preserveDrawingBuffer config. The device may not be supported by is-mobile module! Inverting preserveDrawingBuffer option in second attempt to create webgl scene.” in the console, don’t know if that helps? And I occasionally notice the correct render for an instant before the warning message replaces it.