What must I register to get scatter 3d chart to work?

Hey, I’m using plotly.register to register my charts. However, I can’t register scatter3d. It only works when I require the full plotly.js/dist/plotly.min.

Is there something I have to register besides scatter3d to get it to work? Thanks!

var Plotly = require('plotly.js/lib/core')

should do the trick.

I did, I got an error that WebGL is not supported on your browser. But when I require require('plotly.js/dist/plotly.min') it works fine.

thanks, YeH4eg. same here. plot works fine outside an angular app environment. when I move code into angular app, i get “Webgl is not supported by your browser” error and console error trying to access canvas of undefined. using ‘plotly.js/dist/plotly.min’ did the trick, hopefully this is a temporary fix.

@supermario check this:

thanks @YeH4eg! will get to it and change my code at some point