Unwanted Tab change during Callback

I have recently updated my dash imports and I now have tabs behaving differently when running on my local host (My local host is a Windows, this problem does not happen on my remote host which is Linux).

When doing something that activates a callback I am taken to my main page (where I keep hidden values that all functions run off). Everything still works its just the tabs change after every call back activation.

Has anyone else experienced this?

So apparently it was related to the version of Dash I was using (and not related to anything else). The specific dash packages I was using and there version are as follows:

Left is version that didn’t work. Middle is the Package name. Right is the version that did work.

0.12.0 dash-html-components==0.11.0
0.28.3 dash-core-components==0.26.0
0.26.4 dash==0.23.1
0.6.0 dash-table-experiments==0.6.0

Not sure which one was the issue (Though was almost definitely dash-core-components since that was is related specifically to tab.)