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Callbacks not firing until tab is changed

I have implemented the tab structure described in Method 2 in the dcc.Tabs documentation (Content as Tab Children), but I am getting a weird bug where, after the initial page load, no callbacks are not fired until I change tabs. The initial tab content itself is loading, but callbacks associated with the components within the tabs are not firing.

My current example uses two tabs, but I also encountered this bug when I had three tabs, and in the three tab case, the callbacks only fired when I switched to a specific tab (always the same tab).

I can provide a video or code if necessary, but doing so might take some time since there is some proprietary code and visualizations in my project, so I figured I’d see if anybody had an idea of why this might be happening before I go to the trouble of putting together some example code.

Please let me know if there’s any other information I can provide. I can also open an issue on the GitHub repository if this is better suited for that forum.

I believe this is the bug I am encountering – – it lines up perfectly with my experience, the callbacks are not fired until I navigate to the tab with the DataTable.

If anyone has suggestions for workarounds, please let me know. I suppose downgrading Dash might be the best option?