Callbacks not triggered when tab clicked

I have a fairly complex dash that has a main DataTable on top and multiple tabs underneath.
The content of the tabs (in a Div underneath) is loaded through callbacks (method presented in the doc).

Within the tabs content, there are dropdowns and datatables, whose content depends on the selection made in the main DataTable.

I’m having an issue in that when I click on a tab, which loads its content, those secondary dropdowns and datatables are not being filled (associated callbacks not being called), unless I first change the selection in the main Datatable.

I will attempt to create a small test case for reproduction, but in the meantime, I’m wondering whether there is anything obvious I might be forgetting…

Note that I have also tried to have the tab’s content as children to the tab (method 2) and all is fine when I do that, but it’s way too much data and processing for my use case, and therefore I can’t use that method

Hi @Wabiloo did you look at the callback graph from the developers tools (you access it by clicking on the icon at the bottom-right corner in debug=True mode)? It might help understanding the order in which Dash executes callbacks. Otherwise sure a minimal code would help :-).