Dash Table Experiment unwantingly selected

Certain actions that involve selecting things on my dash app will automatically select a table that has been generated with Dash Table Experiment. It makes my app pretty unusable since I have different tabs. The result being that the app will automatically change tabs after every change.

The selection doesn’t even always relate to having any connection with the table. However when I removed the callback that outputs to the table the problem stopped.

My app seemed to worked before I updated dash.

Any help would be massively appreciated

I was wrong about the problem and it is in fact the exact same problem that occurs here Problem with callbacks in different tabs

I removed the part of my code that defined a default tab and it went back to working perfectly.

What also works: include [State(‘name_of_tabs_component’, ‘value’) in your callbacks…

This has now been fixed, see the latest version in https://dash.plot.ly/installation

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