Twitter Sentiment Analysis Dashboard

Hey plotly community,

i just thought i could share one of the dash apps i did on my freelancing work on in case it will help you through designing a simple and professional layout

Deployment link: Twitter Sentiment Analysis

Github link: GitHub - Mazen72/Twitter_Sentiment_Analysis_Dashboard

If you find this useful, im thinking to continuously share the dash apps i make in my freelancing work ( the ones that i didnt sign NDA on them ) and also share some tips and tricks i face while doing professional work with dash, thanks

Mazen Mohamed

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Great app. Thank you for sharing, @Mazen72 .
We appreciate the open source code as well :pray:

how long did it take you to build this?

And yes, I would love to see tips and tricks you learn along the way.

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Thanks adam, it took me about 4 or 5 days as i was asked to make some modifications along the way, sure i would be happy to share it from now on

Hi @Mazen72

Thanks for sharing! It’s a great looking app!



I see you are deploying with pythonanywhere. Here’s a small tip - if you go to the web tab you can select the “Force HTTPS” option so that you are using a secure site.



Thanks @AnnMarieW for your important tip, actually i do that always but i forgot to do it this time as this app was just for the client’s personal use, but thanks for reminding me :blush:

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