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Transforms field of trace objects for analysis

Hi there,

playing around with the analysis function within the plotly online chart editor, I noticed that added traces produced as the result of e.g. curve fitting include a ‘transforms’ property providing information such as the analysis method, fit parameters, etc… Below is some example code of the transforms field I am referring to.

Do you know how this is processed by plotly, or where I can find further information about it, as I don’t understand yet, if and if so why, it would be necessary to include this field.
Thanks a lot for your help.


        "uid": "b80422", 
        "transforms": [
                "regressand": "y", 
                "rms": "", 
                "parameters": [
                        "hold": false, 
                        "name": "m", 
                        "value": 1.8682052260154938, 
                        "error": 0.2655474929629778
                        "hold": false, 
                        "name": "b", 
                        "value": 1.7828914743469508, 
                        "error": 0.3665351259216918
                "outputxrange": [], 
                "regressor": "x", 
                "inputUid": "bc471b", 
                "correlation": "", 
                "inputxrange": [], 
                "type": "fit", 
                "fitfunction": "m*x + b", 
                "interpolation": 50

That’s just some internal fields uses to store info about fits.