Plotly traces and d3

This is a noob question. I have a bunch of traces in a scatter3d, “lines” mode plot. How can I operate on individual traces, for example, apply a translate? should I use d3 for that? can Plotly.d3 reach traces? is this the right way to go, or are there resources in plotly to do that? are there any examples for this? thanks, I appreciate the help.

You can, but we don’t recommend it. Plotly.js is designed to declare graphs entirely from its "data"/"layout" JSON-serializable attributes, so that you can do nice things like export to the chart studio and reuse it in our Python, R or other API libraries.

thanks etienne! any pointers on how a translate can be done via JSON-serializable attributes, or even the Plotly.d3 option? I understand the incentive to use chart studio, but my use cases all involve highly interactive graphs inside a single page app using frameworks like vue/angular. there’re other pieces to the workflow which would not be properly handled by studio.