Exporting plot Chart into clean D3.js code

Hi there,

I’m completely new to plotly. What I have seen so far is very intriguing. I hope, I’m asking my question in the right place:

Is there any way to export plotly charts into clean d3.js code to finish the chart’s last details with d3.js?

Any help highly appreciated!

No. We do use d3 for plotting our SVG trace type, but we’re far from a d3 extension.

Thx @etienne! Sorry for the late answer. It’d be amazing if this was possible.

I would not count on it if I were you.

@Amir_R what are some examples of the last details that you’re trying to touch up in D3?

@jack: Sometimes, I have a certain logic for tool tips. E.g. If data point is in the last array show other information on hovering.

I sometimes give data points additional properties to render them differently. In d3’s callback functions I can do some extra touch up stuffs.