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Looking for full reference page for animation with js

Hi there,

I am trying to animate a graph by “highlighting” over specific traces. I am looking at the different examples for animating plotly graphs but I am still a bit confused. What are all of the different options for transitions? I want to add in lines that are yellow and see-through but then remove them if the user searches for something new, is this possible with plotly.js? So far I can search in a form and filter through data, from this I have the x,y coordinates I want to highlight. If I want to add a frame, am I combining the data from the current graph + new highlight traces. There doesn’t need to be a nice transition and I won’t be translating or rotating the traces at all. Any insight would be very helpful! Thanks!

https://plot.ly/javascript/animations/ is the best place to start.

Let us know if you more info.

I couldn’t animate scatter3D. The just gets updated without animation. What is the issue there ?

I also just registered to ask to provide more information like the reference-page. It is very hard to understand how the animation works without a good api-documentation like what is the keyword traces does here. When I create an empty plot with Plotly.react(‘blabla’, []) and call Plotly.animate() with the data etc like in the example (but full initial data-object) it does not work for example. With a documentation I could try to figure out what is needed and why.
Should I create an github-issue?