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Connect Different Traces Dots

Hi community,
Wondering if you could help me.
I have incoming data from multiple documents and I am using plotly to graph them. I would like to see it as a line graph but it shows as dots, probably because it is coming from different documents.

My js part:
simpleChart(data) {

const element = this.el.nativeElement

const data = [{
x: [data.time] ,
y: [data.Temperature]


const style = {
margin: { t: 0 }
Plotly.plot(element, data, style);

This is probably more a js issue rather than plotly but would love to have some help.

Best Regards

Add mode: ‘lines’ into the data

the traces disappear if I had that :frowning:

It acts as if each element inside the array is one individual trace. But I want the temperature array to be one trace…

So you want 1 single line graph of temperatures ? what way is data.temperature structured

Data.temperature comes from a google database firestore and it is mapped by map()

When changing the data to mode: lines
Data is found but not plotted

Have you already tried:
mode: 'lines+markers' ?

I think it can help you.