Fitting curves in Plotly

I am using Plotly for the first time this semester with my upper-level undergraduate physical chemistry laboratory course. Our main use is to make plots and add fits using various user-defined functions. I am having two bits of trouble with the process:

  1. After the fit is made, I would like to see the data for the fit curve (new y axis values, from fit) in the grid with the original input data. I keep trying this over and over again, but sometimes I see the fit curve data and other times I do not. For the life of me, I canโ€™t figure out what I am doing to make it appear when it does appear. I would like it to appear.

  2. One of our major uses of the fit functionality is to obtain error bars on our fit parameters. (Super important in experimental science; we use those error bars in further calculations.) However, the parameters that Plotly reports appear to less precision (few points past the decimal) than the error bars. They really need to appear to at least the same precision to make sense (we need to see as many points past the decimal in the parameters as we do in the error/uncertainty). Is there any way we can view more decimal places in the parameters that are output from the Plotly fits?

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Weโ€™re currently working on a fix that will be finished by the weekend.