Transform filter to remove traces on line graph?

I have a line graph with 50 traces that updates from API data. But I’d like to only display the top 10 traces. I understand I can apply a transform to each trace individually, but can I apply one to all of them to only display traces above a certain value or the top 10 values? Thanks!

I’m curious what transform are you using? If I understand correctly, looking for a filter transform over traces?

Sorry, meant to say filter. I used one on a previous bar chart that took an array for its x values:

type: ‘filter’,
target: ‘x’,
operation: ‘>’,
value: 10000000

But I have 50 different traces for this line chart, so how to apply to all of them?

Bump! Is there a way to apply this filter to all 50 traces on the line graph? Or does it have to be done individually? Thanks!

We don’t expose an easy way to do this, but it should be easy enough to:

var transform = {
  type: 'filter',
  // ... the rest of your filter settings

traces.forEach(t => t.transforms = [transform])

/// then plot
Plotly.newPlot('graph', traces)