Slow app loading when host is specified in app.run_server

I am troubleshooting slow loading times on my dash web application. Running locally, the entire app will load in under 3 seconds, but it takes closer to 8 or 9 seconds to load when I access it through my cloud hosting. I just found out that I can reproduce the same loading time delay locally just by specifying the host name when calling app.run_server.

So testing locally with app.run_server(port=8000,debug=False), here is the Chrome network log:

And by just changing it to app.run_server(host=“”,port=8000,debug=False) and setting host name to my local IP address, there is an additional almost 5 second delay (same approximate delay I am seeing when going through cloud):

Does anyone know why this might be?


Just an update, I still do not understand exactly why specifying the host made any difference in the loading time, but I have mostly tracked down a large amount of my delays to a multi-select dropdown menu containing about 8K to search from.