Help with Dash performance / slow loading website

I have a Dash app hosted on DigitalOcean (ubuntu server). It takes about 50 seconds to load the app, and I’m here to ask for help.

Pinging my site shows an average of 27ms. However, when checking the Network in the Chrome developer tools, these items popped up:


The first 5 “_dash-update-component” and “_dash-layout” are taking very long time to load. However, the last two items are also “_dash-update-component” and only took ~1.3s to load.

The app uses pandas to query a local database ~100mb and display results. On my local dev server it runs pretty smoothly. So I’m not sure if this is a Dash issue or host issue?

Appreciate your feedback!

My guess would be that it is a combination of the server being slower than your local development environment and the added network overhead. To dig deeper, we would need with more detailed information on your callback structure, but from your network tab it just seems like the callbacks are taking a long time to execute, i.e. the DigitalOcean backend is slow.