One platform is incredibly slow

Hi I’m having problems with my Dash app being insanely slow for some users. On a working system, the “Request Sent” in Chrome’s CTRL-SHIFT-I is negligible. I wish all systems behaved like that, but on an affected system it takes over 2 minutes(!) before Dash calls the server (Waterfall->Request Sent). Both systems are using dash_renderer.v1_8_3m1610556218.min.js:20 Based on some previous threads I thought it was related to using Tabs method 2 but I completely removed my tabs from the server and some users are still experiencing weird slowness. How do I make Dash responsive? Thanks, – Ben

I found an answer in not using the “memory”/“data” cache on the client. That can apparently incur very slow uploads back to the server for processing which was what I saw. Just keep the data on the server instead.

Hey Sir, I am suffering the same issue of app irresponsiveness due to caching database query results in dcc.Store. Is there any other ways that I can cache the results, in order not to make duplicate queries across different callbacks? Thanks.

Have you tried server side output?

I believe there is a good library out there for solving your problem, but I do not know the library. I implemented my own kludge where I use a lock and a data structure on the server’s filesystem because I have concurrent users but not too many and this solution allows multiple threads to access the same data. Good luck!