Difference in font size and styling between app accessed via localhost ip address vs lan ip address


I am running my app using the following line, since I want my app to be available over the network:

app.run_server(host='', port=5080)

The app is accessible on local machine using the following 2 addresses:

  • (this is the lan ip address of my machine on which dash app is running)

When I open the app using localhost address, font sizes are smaller than the app running on lan ip address. See Image below:

Any possible explanation for this discrepancy? How do I make sure that both the versions have same font size.


Hello @smalgotrader,

It looks as if one of your browsers is not set to the same zoom size.

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This is really embarassing for me, should have noticed it earlier before posting. Thanks for pointing it out!

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Sometimes it’s the simple things.

Makes it fun though. Haha.

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