Show only some subplots per "page"

I am using plotly to plot 70 stock charts graphs.
Than I am using the site “edit” to add lines and shapes to those charts and save them back to my pc for more processing etc…

The page is very very very slow and unusable (obviously, a lot of subplots with a lot of data and interactivity).

I would like the page to show only 5 or 10 stocks each time and have a “next” button or maybe when I scroll down I want the page to generate the next graphs.

Is that possible?

Hi @koren88i,

Nothing comes to mind right away. Just to clarify, you are creating a figure with 70 subplots and then wanting to edit it the Chart Studio GUI editor? Perhaps you could break it up into 10 figures with 7 subplots each and then combine the figures into one back on the Python side.


yes about your description.
my current solution is to create 7 different figures with different names each with 10 plots.
So i have 10 different links to go and edit.