Multiple plotly plots on 1 page without using subplot


I want to have multiple plotly plots on 1 html page without using the tools.make_subplots method. (I dont want to use that since I find that its not easy to read and I want a unique legend & layout in each of the subplot panels).

I want to define 2 figures with their own unique layouts, and arrange them arbitrarily on the page. I think I know how to do this with dash using the html.Div object, but I was wondering if there was an easy way to do this using only plotly?

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I am also trying to do the exact same thing. To find substitute for append_ trace . for ex like append_figures.

Let me know if you figure this one out.


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I have “solved” this by making a /table/ on the HTML page, with, for example two rows /tr/ each containing one column /td/. There could, of course, be more columns per row. I use CSS to take care of the formatting of the table “slots”. Here is an example:
/table id=“plotlyTable”
/tr/td/div id=‘snrImage’//div//td//tr
/tr\td/div id=‘cSolvay’//div//td//tr
If you get my drift. I then write to the “slot” id as follows:
Plotly.newPlot(‘snrImage’, [plotData], datalayout, noMode);
This works well.

@ityoung, I am using plotly completely from within python. Do you know of a way to do this with just python?

Sorry but I don’t know how to do this within python. I have no illusions, however, it may be solvable but my expertise doesn’t cover that approach.