Create multiple tables in a plot

Can somebody advise how to create multiple tables in a plot. I am able to easily create one table and add many charts but I am unable to add multiple tables to it.

Example code

draw_graphs :

figure = ff.create_table(data_frame , height_constant=60)
traces1 = go.Scatter { . …}
figure[‘layout’][xaxis1].update(domain = [ position1, position2])
plotly.plot(figure, filename=abc)

How do i extend above to draw multiple “tables” ?

@mike1 It is possible to define multiple tables in the same plot, including each one in a subplot. Since both table,
and fig associated to subplots are dictionaries that are initialized at their definition, it is a bit cumbersome to
inspect all of them and update fig[‘layout’] correspondingly.

Here is an example:

Thanks much! @empet.
This is really helpful!!

this doesn’t seem to work for me. Either it’s because of dash, or because its a multipage app with url graphs. Idk.
But I#m gettin the message that ** must be a maping and the function .extended doesn’t even work at all.