Multiple Tables in a subplot with v4

I want to have 2 tables displayed and was looking through this guide

It’s exactly what I want to achieve but having some issues with v4. I’ve managed to update to correct functions for most but can’t get passed this part:

fig[‘layout’][‘xaxis1’]= dict(fig[‘layout’][‘xaxis1’], **table1[‘layout’][‘xaxis’])
fig[‘layout’][‘yaxis1’]= dict(fig[‘layout’][‘yaxis1’], **table1[‘layout’][‘yaxis’])
fig[‘layout’][‘xaxis2’]= dict(fig[‘layout’][‘xaxis2’], **table2[‘layout’][‘xaxis’])
fig[‘layout’][‘yaxis2’]= dict(fig[‘layout’][‘yaxis2’], **table2[‘layout’][‘yaxis’])

Python keeps throwing an error

fig’layout’ = dict(fig’layout’, table1’layout’)
TypeError: type object argument after must be a mapping, not XAxis