Show and Tell - Marketemp

Hi everyone,

I would like to share Marketemp, an app that’s taken me about two years to design and develop and there’s still way more to go.

The intention is that absolute market returns don’t accurately capture performance as well as relative returns. The app also shows dividend-adjusted returns and Temp values for a range of time periods whereas conventional tools only show numerical results for the current day. Using Temp values between 0 and 100, any user can instantaneously understand exactly how well any stock has performed relative to all other stocks or all stocks within a common Segment (Market Cap Level or Sector) over any period of time.

Please give it a try and registering expands its capabilities. If you have feedback, please share it via the feedback link or If you are into stocks or have any other friends who would be interested in this perspective, please share the link.

Also, giant thanks to @russellthehippo as I am using large chunks of dash-auth-flow and @tcbegley for help with dash_bootstrap_components.

Steve Sundstrom

here are some screenshots for those just passing through :wink:


This is really impressive @marketemp ! Would you mind posting some screenshots of your favorite parts of the app for folks just passing through? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks Chris, will do… if you like it, watch it tomorrow while the market is open.

The website looks great and impressive. The Dash is really powerful.

This is a very informative blog for me. I am very much benefited after reading this blog. Keep sharing.
Thanks @marketemp

thanks @yanshg and @wooley