Stock Analysis - New Section

Hi All,

I added a new section in my app to analyze stock shares:

“Competitors” allows to compare a list of ratios of any Company with their competitors, with background colors to quickly understand the ratios.

Please, let me know your sugestions to improve it. :grinning:


Holy smokes @Eduardo , there is SO MUCH functionality in this app!! So awesome.


Also how did I not find this gif earlier?


This website makes me very happy :smile_cat:


Thanks @chriddyp , Dash is Amazing!! :star_struck:

Glad to see how the Dash Community is growing everyday.

Congratulations :smiley:

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So true! I can’t even process all of the information on this app at once :woozy_face:. Kudos to @Eduardo for coding up something this complex and sophisticated.

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Thanks @atharvakatre

In fact the app has also a hidden functionality: The entire app is like a “Component” plug-in for any other development.

Just calling the app "name " + “/” + a “share ticker” it will goes directly to analyze that Company, for example this link will open Microsoft:

Then you can have your own app to manage your porfolio or for finding new interesting stock to buy, or whatever, and adding a link with this structure will open the specific stock to see in my app.


That’s really cool.
Also I am amazed that an app like this with a lot of functionalities and even more data processing runs fine with just a free-tier heroku account.

Yes @atharvakatre , it has a lot of callbacks and functionalities but all uses very low amount of data. :grinning: