New search for Stock Analysis

Hi Dashers,

I just added a new way to call my app for searching stocks that allows to go directly to the company you want to search for.

Just adding the ticker/symbol of the Company in the URL it automatically search that Ticker, like: Company Analysis (the markdown don’t allow it to show that the url has ‘/NVDA’ at the end.)

This allows you to intagrate your own app to this one just adding a link for the ticker you want to search with the format ( ticker )[ + ticker]

If someone is interesting in apply that, I did it just using dcc.Location “pathname” property and a callback that takes this value and output it to the ticker dcc.Input. :smiley:

PD: I made some new features, more colored information, more mobile responsive and new graphics.

Please let me know your feed back and if you find some problems in the app. Thanks! :grinning: