Financial App for Company Analysis

Hi Dash Community,
I was bilding an app to have a quick access to the main information related to one Company in order to analyze it.
Just entering the Company Ticker you’ll get different tools to have an idea of the Company. All together in the same page.

The page provides:

  • Historical Prices and Deltas
  • Information about Analysts Estimation
  • Last Recomendations
  • Access of all Conference Call Transcripts
  • Financial Information (by quarter and by year):
    • Income Statments
    • Balance Sheet
    • Cash Flow
    • A list of main Ratios
  • A waterfall graph comparing each quarter and each year results.
  • Access to all the Reports filed by the Company in the S.E.C.

In addition, some of the info has a background color to quickly understand the information.
Here is the link:

My idea is to add more information and if you have any idea to improve it, I’ll appreciate your help.



I added new funcionalities to the app:

Now you can use the ticker or find the Company by name:

The Logo is a plus :laughing:

Also you will find a Tab with last dividend information:

In the News and Info I added a Company Description:

A graph to show last Quarter Surprises:

Finally I added a Tab where you can configure different Ratios to show coloured:

If you are like me and want to analyze everithing before doing an investment decision, this app will help you.

But if you want to get Money just buy TESLA or BITCOINS or whatever is fashion :joy: :joy:

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Congrats, @Eduardo
Really nice, informative, and useful app. Way to go👏🏼
I would do two things. 1. Change the color direction of the needles from red to green from left to right. That way, the right side is green, which represents an increase in percentage and alines with the color of text under it.
2. Make it mobile responsive, so it also looks cool and professional on a mobile phone.

Hi @adamschroeder,

Thank you for the recomendations.

Related to the needles, Ann Marie gave me the same sagestion, (may be I have to change it :thinking:) . But the idea behind that is that I use it in the perspective of an investor:

If the needle is in the green zone perhaps is time to enter (and buy that share) and if the needle is in the red one I have to think a litle bit to take that decision or also means that I have to sell my position.

If you think in that way all the colors in the app represents strength (green) and weakness (red) or oportunities and risk, thats why I did that way.

Related with the second point, I do agree, the problem is I do not know how to do it (jet), also doesn’t work in tablets. :woozy_face:

I hope this tutorial helps.

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Hey @adamschroeder,

Your link helps me a lot to learn about bootstrap, specially this other video:

Congratulation for your work !!

You’re welcome Eduardo.

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Thanks to the help from the Adam’s videos, I had make the App a bit more mobile responsive:

And also added a nice Spinner with different colours :star_struck:

Hi Eduardo, I really like your dashboard, is there a way to learn from what you have done, I am in the process of building a dashboard similar to yours for an Oxford university deparment as part of a research project. Do you perhaps have a github that I can learn from? I will give you full attribution at the top of the dashboard I build. Best, Derek