Show and Tell - Portfolio Asset Allocation Visualizer


Here is an app I’m working on: This page shows how different asset allocations (cash vs bonds vs stocks) perform over time in different market conditions. The data set starts in 1929.

Dash is so cool – it inspired me to learn how to code! I’m amazed that even a newbie like me with zero previous experience in Python or building web pages could get some simple apps running so quickly. (The Dash tutorial is great.)

I’m just starting to develop this site - the target audience is people new to investing and my plan is to create an interactive tutorial. I would appreciate any feedback!


this is so great! congratulations on learning how to code and publishing something awesome :raised_hands:

Thanks for your kind words :blush:
Dash makes learning how to code fun!

Pretty Cool, Webapp!!

I would suggest you to consider improving upon the plot with “Average returns” in the “Set asset allocation goals” section. Maybe have a lower height, or I don’t know if it would be appropriate like having a bar plot with a line, it may help fill the emptiness Like on page 4 of this

Otherwise, awesome!

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Thanks for your helpful comments….

I’ve updated the average returns chart to show returns for a portfolio of “All Cash”, “All Bonds”, “All Stocks” and “My Portfolio” It now shows the average forecasted returns (with no volatility) for each category. I think it looks better and provides more information too!

Thanks again for checking out the site - I appreciate your feedback!


This looks great! Very impressive taking into account that this is your first-ever software project. Well done! I’m looking forward to see the tutorial.

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It looks great.
Do you have github project for this?

Hi AnnMarie,

Your app looks awesome. I am also new to Dash/Plotly and I am fascinated by the possibilities of it.
As I am struggling with some parts, I see you solved. Are you open to share your amazing work with the community?

Hi @magueb and welcome to the Dash community :slight_smile:

Thanks for your kind words and your interest in this project!

Here is the repo for V2 of the app. It currently only has the first page, and the rest will be there soon. If this doesn’t include the parts you are struggling with, let me know and I’ll try to help.

Dash is awesome :star2: