Show and Tell - FreeCharts - Upload CSV and Create Charts - Made With Dash

Good day everyone,
Allow me to introduce FreeCharts
FreeCharts is a free web visualization tool which allows users to upload their csv files and create beautiful charts by simply clicking different dropdowns. It was built using Plotly express and dash!

At the moment, the charts available are:

  • Scatterplots.

  • Bar plots

  • Boxplots

  • Density contour

  • Histogram

  • Violin plots

The max size of a csv upload is 20MB, this is due to compute constraints due to cost on Heroku (Heroku Hobby plan 512MB).

Feel free to reach out to me on your ideas on features to add

[Olabode Alamu - Creator - OpenChart (Open source Data visualization software) | LinkedIn](https://Olabode Alamu Linkedin)


not bad, can I recommend that you also have an example file that I can simply click to test the functionality – do you have a Github repo, I have some parameters that I can contribute that has made my charts look pretty cool.