JOB: Build a Plotly Dashboard with premade charts


I’d like to hire someone to build a Dashboard for me. I have already calculated all the data and made the charts. There will be a 3 user inputs with a total of 8 combinations. For each combination, I want it to display a word box, choropleth map, a bar chart, and table.

Again, I can provide all the charts and data. I just need someone to make it into a dashboard. I know how to do it myself but don’t have the time right now.

Willing to pay $500 or best offer. The Dashboard is for a non-profit advocacy group I am launching.

I will provide more details upon hire.


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Hey Sir ,

im really interested in your project as im experienced in developing dash/plotly dashboards , feel free to checkout some of my previous dash/plotly projects in links bellow :

also you can checkout my freelancing work and my clients reviews in my freelancing profiles in links bellow:

i would be happy to discuss the work with you in more details

Mazen Mohamed

Your work looks great! Do you think you’d be able to build something that looks like this? (Just a rough sketch I made in paint).

thank you sir , yes sure i can , you have the geojson file for the choropleth map right ?

Yes, ive have created most of the maps and everything already. I can share you on the GitHub soon. Can you email me at

yes sure i will send you an email now

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