Looking for a Dash Expert Freelancer

Hello Plotly community. Im not sure if this is the right place to post work-offers…But i didnt find other places than this.

Im looking for someone who knows Dash well to build ‘Smart City’ Live Dashboard project(s) with me. Here’s whats about the project:

- Real-Time data-visualization of those sources: (Id like only include Toronto area data in the first project)
    - Disaster and Extream Weather boardcast.
    - News from the Government.
    - News from the Police.
    - Activities & Events around the area.

I am hoping it come with something like this: (or we can figure out an optimized layout. (A whole dashboard)

The project is aiming to earn money in a long run as I already have two businesses running, (not earnning much but I can survive). I do have one more mobile app under development that works as a SAAS for Influencers.

Since all of those three ( in total) projects that I have right now is doing something around the community as Labor Intensive projects (Shipping, Ecommerce etc). I do need something marvelous to connect online with offline. (Mainly for enhance the customer experiences), thus Im looking for possible cooperations here.

What I can offer is two option (for possible Dash partners): (Choose one of them)
** - Case by case Freelance. I have $1000 as the budget. (Please let me know if its underrated)**
** - Part time offer with a fair hourly salary but you own part of the project. (Details need to be discussed)**

Please let me know if you have any questions. Throw anything at me I just dont like draggy. Shout out anything you are concerned of please.


Please email me if interested:

Id be happy if anyone gives out different perspectives about the project too.


Hi kforris,

First of all - kudos for the application mockup; it looks great! Did you do it yourself? And do you already have the design resources (CSS, icons, etc.) ready?

From your mockup, it seems like you would need to implement (at least),

  • Data bindings to multiple data sources
  • User management
  • Multiple dashboard pages
  • Export functionality

Additionally, you’ll probably need some kind of backend service(s), and most likely also some custom Dash components (I haven’t seen any component so far that looks like the 3D Cloud view you have; have you?).

If you are looking for a software professional to deliver a finished application with this kind of scope, I would say that $1000 is underrated (that’s about 10 hours of work). If you can do some/most of the work yourself, and/or can find a partner that’s doing it (partly) for fun and/or parts in the project, it’s more realistic :slight_smile:


Good afternoon Emil,

Thanks for replying! The mockup was someone else’s work (I did try to contact the original owner but noone has replied me yet), and its all about giving out a general idea.

The largest section will be something detailed on the street that is happenning, (id like to see 3D buildings or point-cloud buildings as for this part), about the 3D Cloud view we can use Pydeck, or Dash-deck, which I do have some previous work about it. Here’s the link—>Dash-deck

And all the remainning layouts are kinda clear afterwards i think. At this point I will just try to be the copycat about the layout. haha… for fast-deployment and quick-mutiple-revisions once we hear the echo from the public.

So the biggest problem might would’ve been the ‘Notification’,‘Language’,‘Subscription’ part, I think its not 100% needed in the first version, if there’s no possible approach at this time, its no big deal.

**Thank you so much again for replying me, there’s someone suitable applied for the job. But I am still open for whoever has interests about the project. **