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Show and Tell - Dash App Tracking Bourbon Distribution

I wanted to showcase an application I’ve been working on for a bit. This app tracks bourbon distribution for Virginia and analyzes it over time. There’s a few different pages in the app including one page to show a timeline of drops on a map that i’m pretty proud of.

Always making changes to it so any feedback or code suggestions is fantastic.

Thanks :smiley:


This is awesome :grinning: :tropical_drink:

Where did you get the data from?

Thanks! :smiley:

I have a little scraper program built in python that runs every morning to check inventory from their site. I have a docker container that kicks the script off and loads up a database on AWS that holds all of it.

It’s been running since last year when the pandemic hit…pandemic boredom is good for some things haha.


Very cool.

Wild to actually see the supply issues in hard data. That 1792 went quick. Damn supply chain!

Hahah yea they don’t provide an API for the data so it’s scraping their site. I don’t want to burden their servers so i can really only pull once a day in the morning. It usually finishes loading right before their stores open so the count is accurate however the rarer items (like pappy) are in-store/lottery only so i can’t really get inventory for those kinds of things.

1792 full proof has been backlogged according to the distillery, shame as that is one of my favorites. Sometimes you’ll see a barrel pop up in their inventory too, pretty wild.

Unrelated, nice to see it works on mobile…haven’t done much testing there :sweat: :sweat: :sweat: