BinVestigate - Show and Tell

Hey all,

Wanted to share a project that I have been working on and get any feedback, if desired. (or uncover any bugs)

Basically, this tool lets you explore the metabolites (small molecules) of 160,000 samples based on simple sample metadata (species, organ, disease) or compound.

Pretty crazy that 5 years ago, without Dash, this would not have been possible, so a doesnt-do-it-justice thanks to the developers.

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Hi there @rictuar ! first of all great job! I know close to nothing about biology but from what I see every person can ask a question about the data and get an answer from your dashboards.

Something My team and me take pride in making every dashboard we make fit into the entire page without scrolling down, it takes some CSS skills and if you’re using dash bootstrap then understanding the bootstrap, making the dashboard fit in the page view gives our customers fast and easy access to all the data in one look without needing to go up and down the page. So that’s a feature you could add if you see the use for it.

And while I was going over your dashboard I notices something that might be a bug. I am not sure so I will add a screenshot, your sunburst doesn’t have labels, just hover info, it’s a bit hard to understand the data that way.

But really great job there!
if its possible to give us a link to the code in your GitHub repo it would be great to take a look :smile:

That a beautiful app, @rictuar .

Did you build it for yourself or for your job?

Do you happen to have the app code open source on github?

Thanks for the kind words @Matan and and @adamschroeder. The datatable links are broken atm.

@Matan: I agree that cleaning up the sunburst a little would be a nice touch. As far as the sunburst labels go, the boss (PI) seems to like it this way, but maybe a toggle button would be cool.

@adamschroeder Part of the PhD work, so a little of both.

The code is a disaster atm.

Happy to answer any approach questions, otherwise I will @ when I get a chance to cleanup the repo

Cleaner code would be awesome @rictuar

We are thinking of creating a page to showcase powerful community-made apps, and I would love to showcase yours.

cool. i will keep you apprised.

Hi @adamschroeder

I have made a number of improvements using dynamic callbacks to streamline the visual-understanding of the app.

I have also dramatically improved the code hygiene, although it could still use some extra comments.

If you have time, I would be curious to hear your take on if it is up-to-par.


This looks much better @rictuar Thank you for all the updates. It’s even easier to scroll through the app and understand each feature.

Hey @rictuar,

Just personal preference, but it seems like there is a lot of white space available.

You could possibly bring your filters and other things to the right or left and then share the screen side-by-side. This might help eliminate the need to scroll down to see the rest of the charts or data.

That is a really good looking app!!